About Me

Hello Starrs! I'm Krystle Starr, a Texas cosplayer, Youtuber and Twitch streamer, that's been in the industry for over six years. I've co-founded and host NerdNinja.com, a news website geared toward nerd culture with the latest events and news. I also teach adults with disabilities at My Possibilities and started a massively successful Comic Club, which has been featured on TV and newspapers. I've worked for MoCap Online designing Video Games with Motus Digital working as a mocap model and a junior animator. Most recognizable for my cosplay in featured articles such as Otaku magazine, HerUniverse, Dorkly, CollegeHumor, and many more. TV appearances include "Screen Machines" to rebuild the Ecto1. I appreciate all your love and wouldn't be able to continue without your support. Thank you so much!

  • Credits:
    • Guest: TV show "Screen Machines" Rebuilding the Ecto1.
    • Featured in Otaku magazine, Dorkly, Collegehumour, Ebaumsworld, HerUniverse
    • Host - NerdNinja.com
    • Motion Capture Actor - Motus Digital